Living Wild

Living Wild

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Living Wild
Gardening, Cooking, and Healing with Native Plants of California
Alicia Funk & Karin Kaufman
An invitation to celebrate California’s heritage and culture weaves through LIVING WILD, an essential guide to the uses of native plants. This expanded edition offers a deep awareness of the landscape with advice on cultivating more than 100 native plant species and enjoying this natural abundance for sustainable wild food cuisine and herbal medicine remedies. LIVING WILD is the only sourcebook that provides a simple path to fundamentally shift the way we eat, garden and heal.
Just strolling through the woods or your backyard becomes a culinary and artistic adventure, providing food, art and medicine for family and friends.”
-Elizabeth Martin Chief Executive Officer
The Sierra Fund
The need to interact with native, wild plants to heal, feed, shelter, and clothe us is ancient. LIVING WILD helps us to reclaim our plant gathering heritage and in the process, to go a long ways towards mending the false gulf between humans and the natural world”
-M. Kat Anderson, Ph.D., UC Davis
Tending the Wild
Learning how to responsibly use wild plants deepens my understanding of how I depend on nature, encouraging me to become a better steward to the systems that give me breath.”
-John Muir Laws
The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada
“This beautiful book makes us deeply thankful for the diverse bounty that we share every time we step into wild California.”
Dan Gluesenkamp, Ph.D. Executive Director, California Native Plant Society

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