A Manual of California Vegetation, Second Edition

A Manual of California Vegetation, Second Edition

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The Second Edition of A Manual of California Vegetation
By John Sawyer, Todd Keeler-Wolf, and Julie Evens


California is famous for its beautiful plant displays across the landscape, known collectively as plant communities or vegetation, such as redwood forests. This guide to California’s plant communities focuses on conserving both the individual species and the surrounding habitat. The vegetation classification system introduced in the first Manual of California Vegetation has since become widely accepted as the state standard. This completely updated edition has been expanded to include the following:

  • Over 485 descriptions
  • 352 vegetation maps
  • Descriptions of regional variation
  • Detailed life history information
  • Data on fire, flooding, and other natural processes
  • Restoration and other management considerations
  • Revised and expanded lists of references

This comprehensive guide will be of interest to botanists, ecologists, environmental scientists, and natural history enthusiasts—a must-have for land-use managers and conservation planners.

ISBN 978-0-943460-49-9




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