Flowering Plants and Ferns of Mount Diablo, California

Flowering Plants and Ferns of Mount Diablo, California

  • $ 35.95
  • $ 35.95

Barbara Ertter and Mary L. Bowerman

Long out of print and in constant demand, we are pleased to offer a fully revised Flowering Plants and Ferns of Mount Diablo, California. Over 200 species, both native and naturalized, have been added, along with a new soil classification, and observations on the natural history over the past half-century.

"This magnificent revision of Mary Bowerman's masterpiece lives up to the unsurpassed standards of her now-classic original and brings a tremendous wealth of new information about Mount Diablo and its spectacular flora into sharp focus. All of the outstanding qualities of the 1944 edition are preserved here and are richly embellished with a thorough, up-to-date, floristic and ecological reassessment based on extensive field and herbaria research. The results of these renewed efforts are impressive, with the addition of more than 200 native and naturalized plant species. Perspectives on the physical environment, vegetation, and flora of Mount Diablo spanning over half a century of direct investigation provide a fascinating, invaluable account of environmental change on the mountain and of progress in scientific understanding of its rocks, soil, and plants. Anyone with an interest in the natural history of California will not want to be without this book."
-Bruce Baldwin, Curator of the Jepson Herbarium

2002 CNPS Press

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