A Flora of Lava Beds National Monument California

A Flora of Lava Beds National Monument California

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A Flora of Lava Beds National Monument California


By Sean Smith

A Flora of Lava Beds National Monument by Sean Smith, is for botanists and plant enthusiasts alike who wish to explore this spectacular volcanic area. Join Sean on this adventure and see, from the eyes of plants, why this area is so special. 

About the author:

Sean B. Smith grew up in Bellingham, Washington and graduated from Western Washington University with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Through a series of connected and fortunate events he found himself in Ashland, Oregon working for the Klamath Inventory and Monitoring Network, National Park Service. This work experience with NPS facilitated him to pursue a master’s thesis at Southern Oregon University, and that thesis work became the basis for this Flora. The contrast between the wet Pacific Northwest where Sean grew up and the dry openness of Lava Beds greatly inspired him to further explore the Klamath-Siskiyou region. Ultimately this exploration led to his profound fondness for the Mythical State of Jefferson.

Published by the California Native Plant Society in cooperation with Lava Beds National Monument and Klamath Inventory and Monitoring Network


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